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FDM Training overview


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The education in the Fascial Distortion Model consists of three levels. Each level concludes with an exam and a certificate:

Level 1: FDM-Practitioner
Level 2: Certified FDM-Practitioner
Level 3: Advanced FDM-Practitioner

Approved participants are physicians, physiotherapists and practitioners for alternative medicine as well as massage therapists and occupational therapists with knowledge in Manual Therapy.

Each of the listed courses complies with the curriculum of the IFDMO and qualifies for an entry into the international list of therapists.

Level 1 – in 5 courses to FDM-Practitioner

The education to FDM-Practitioner consists of five seminar modules with 24 teaching units each. Courses are identical at all IFDMO locations, thus it’s possible to easily switch course locations. Participation at course FDM1 or FDM2 is required in order to take part in course FDM3. Therefore it’s possible to start with course FDM2.

As participant you may invite patients to the courses, please contact the host beforehand.

Once you finished your first course from Level 1, you are eligible to join courses from Level 2.

After finishing courses 1-3 you may take the exam in the refresher courses or at an instructor’s therapy office. Course 4 is not required for taking the exam, but it’s needed in order to finish Level 1.

A short case documentation is required in order to take the exam and to finish Level 1. You shoot a movie of the patient before and after the FDM treatment, the anamnesis and stages of treatment (2- 3 treatments) will be documented by writing. The whole documentation is then submitted in digital form.

Costs: ca. 375,00 € each course

Exam fee: We may agree to take the exam at an instructor’s therapy office. Costs: 290,00 €

Intensive course: You may finish courses 1-3 within a 6-day intensive course. Costs: 870,00 €


The education at the IFDMO is the only and exclusively “Typaldos Certified” in Germany. You receive the certificate of FDM-Practitioner after successfully taking the exam which qualifies for a VIP entry into the international listing of therapists. A basic entry is bookable already after courses 1-3.

Make use of this fast learnt method and complement your treatment spectrum. Already after the first weekend you’ll be amazed by your new therapy successes. FDM will positively change your and your patient’s lives


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FDM Training

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