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Understanding Body Language


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Every day countless patients attempt to describe their complaints to doctors and therapists. Up till now this often failed, as their counterpart didn’t understand them. Doctors prefer to put their trust in their MRT diagnosis; osteopaths look for the disorder in distant areas of the body. Physiotherapists often find the right area but often use the “wrong” techniques. This has now come to an end due to the “manual therapy from Typalodos” the so-called fascial distortion model or FDM. Due to a merging of the body language and the verbal description the therapist is immediately able to produce a diagnosis.

The founder and developer of this model was Stephen Typaldos, an American emergency doctor and osteopath. It occurred to him that patients always used the same body language. As a result of this he developed the fascial distortion model so that the clinic and body language of the patient produce a summarized diagnosis and a specific treatment.

His system developed further so that now six different distortions have been described and can now be treated. The results are fascinating for the patient and the therapist. Today, fascial treatment is becoming increasing important. Largely ignored by researchers and anatomists, fascia only played a small role in medicine. Only Rolfing and sections of the osteopathic world have occupied themselves with this network of tissues.

With FDM, therapists are on the verge of a revolution with regards to understanding and treating of pain and the locomotion system. In many areas such as the visceral osteotherapy and neurology, FDM is only now beginning to realise its potential.

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