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Please note:
this is a translation of the German terms & conditions and that only German law is applicable.

Conditions of participation
To the extent that the description of the course has not been otherwise described then physiotherapists, masseurs, alternative practitioners, osteopaths and doctors can participate in the course. In exceptional cases medical students or physiotherapy schools can participate.
Course enquiry
The IFDMO is not an organiser of FDM training courses. It serves the purpose of forwarding course enquiries to the corresponding organiser. This organiser will then contact you and forward you the necessary registration form. The registration must be in a written form and sent by post or by fax. If, after 2 weeks from sending the registration you still have not heard from the organiser then please contact the organiser again. Sending the registration form does not automatically entitle you to be able to participate in the course.

The deciding factor is the sequence of the registrations and incoming payments. With the entering of your personal data you agree the information can be forwarded to the organiser for further processing.

The relevant terms and conditions of the organiser are applicable.

Cancellation by the participant
The relevant terms and conditions of the organiser are applicable.

Cancellation of the course

The IFDMO reserves the right to make changes to the dates of the courses, the cancellation of courses due to too few participants as well as a substitution of the respective course managers. The IFDMO shall not be liable for compensation when a lecturer is unable to be present at the agreed dates. If a course has to be cancelled as there not enough participants then the participants will be informed 4 weeks before the course begins.

The liability of the IFDMO for all claims, outside of this contractual and other legal relationship is limited to wilful intent and gross negligence as far as it is not a violation of a material contractual obligation that result in a danger to life, body or health. The same applies for the liability of subcontractors of the IFDMO. Application demonstrations and exercises that the customer applies to patients or other customers are performed at their own risk. 

Video, sound recording and photography
The IFDMO does not permit any form of recordings and photography.

If recordings and photographs from the lecturer are permitted they are only to be used for their own purposes. Reproduction or distribution would be a violation of copyright and as such is forbidden. The same applies for scripts and other course documents.

FDM-practitioner title
We draw to your attention that the FDM-practitioner title is not a professional title and should only serve the purpose of informing patients of the training levels of the therapists. Further we would like to inform you that there is a lack of clear and well-defined legislation regarding what physiotherapists can and cannot do in Germany.

The IFDMO therefore recommends that all therapists should complete an alternative practitioner course.

General terms and participation conditions for the IFDMO-THERAPISTS LIST

Basic Entry
Therapists who have taken the FDM courses 1-3 or the intensive course can be entered into the IFDMO-therapists list. The entry fee is presently 25 euros including VAT, per annum. The period begins with the day of activation and is automatically extended with the contract is not cancelled 4 weeks before the end of the period.
VIP Entry
Therapists that have completed Level I can make a VIP entry in the IFDMO-therapists list. In addition to an entry in the basic list it also provides for a Web business card. Here you can present your own personal profile as well information about your practice. The entry fee is presently 75 euros including VAT, per annum. The period begins with the day of activation and is automatically extended with the contract is not cancelled 4 weeks before the end of the period.

The listing of the VIP entries is made according to postcodes. If several VIP entries (under 5) are from the same postcode then the entries will be alphabetically listed. With entries over 5 then the IFDMO provide an “auction” for a better positioning.
The IFDMO reserves the right to check the entries before publication and if necessary to reject them.

The therapist shall receive a one-off 3 month link with the IFDMO website. If the link is removed during this time then the 3 months expire.

Therapists that have been entered into the IFDMO-therapists list must ensure that any changes to the contact information must be immediately updated.

In addition the listed therapist agrees not to offset any FDM treatment with a physiotherapists prescription. If the therapist breaches these measures then he or she will receive a written warning. If the therapist repeats the breach then his or her name will be removed from the therapists list.

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